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What is the game of baseball?
RyanAnswered by: Ryan, An Expert in the Baseball Basics Category

Baseball is a sport that is just as much intellectual as it is physical. It is a very complex game and can be difficult to understand, but here are some of the basics. The game o...

What is the history of the Reds?
MollyAnswered by: Molly, An Expert in the History Category

When I first told my dad I was looking into the History of the Reds, I thought he’d be interested. We’re Cincinnatians, born and bred in Mt. Healthy, we know all about Cincinnati, ...

Why are Baseball fans addicted to HR's?
EvanAnswered by: Evan, An Expert in the History Category

Why are baseball fans becoming more addicted to the HR? In baseball there are basics that have a long history throughout all athletic sporting events. Perhaps one of the most thr...