What are some team baseball drills that I can use to coach a baseball team?

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Thinking about coaching a baseball team? Need some drills? You have come to the right place.

Whether coaching a Little League team or helping with a High School team, there are many team baseball drills that you

can use for all ages. Some are basic for beginners and some are more complex for advanced players.

Some of the best college coaches use team baseball drills in their practices. The better drills that are used normally makes for a better team.

Practices usually consist of many team baseball drills. Most of the time players don't even realize they are doing drills.

There are drills for hitting, fielding, base running and pitching. You can run individual drills or as a team.

A highly effective drill is " Around the Horn." In this drill, you have a player at each base with his glove. To start, have the catcher throw

the ball at the third baseman's waist. The third baseman should be straddling third base as he catches the ball, swiping his glove

with the ball toward the ground as he catches the throw to imitate tagging a base runner. The third baseman then throws the ball

at the second baseman's waist so he can swipe his glove toward the ground as he catches the throw. The second baseman

does the same toward first base. The first baseman does not have to imitate the tag. He just turns and throws the ball to the catcher at home plate.

You can mix up the throws as the fielders get better at the drill. Have the third baseman throw the ball to first, and have the catcher throw to second.

As the fielders get better, they will get faster at catching and throwing to the next base and not make as many mistakes. Teaching the players

to turn to the next base properly when throwing is very important. The third baseman should catch the ball, make the tag, and step with his

left foot as he throws toward second base. Second and first base should throw the same way. If the first baseman is left handed, he will catch the ball

and throw toward home stepping with his right foot. This is only one of the team baseball drills used by many coaches. This drill can easily take up

30-45 minutes of practice time once you have rotated some of the substitute players for each position. This drill gives the players many reps of throwing, catching, tagging, proper foot work, and also will give you as a coach a better idea of which players have the stronger arms for each position and who can handle the position better when you have players competing for the same spot. Some coaches will even make up their own team baseball drills as they see fit for their team. There are many books available with all kinds of team baseball drills to help coaches and even parents. Some parents that run drills with their sons or daughters end up making great players out of their children. Kids normally enjoy the drills, because it becomes a game for them trying to perfect the drills as they run through them.

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