Albert Pujols for MVP? Maybe, who knows, big paycheck, bigtime hitter

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Alber Pujols for MVP

Albert Pujols will be a shoe in MVP this year and is a likely person that you need for a fantasy baseball team, its hard to believe having a big star that earned every bit of his big time paycheck but thats the type of star veteran player that will live up to his reputation, so heres what you can do to make a great team this season, stack your team up with a lineup that will make any starting pitcher cringe. I suggest drafting Albert Pujols, Troy Tulowitzki, and Evan Longoria. Build your team up with a lineup first, and build your bench up. Stealing away all the hitters is a good thing. You have a whole season to tweak out your pitching, look at the Texas Rangers, they didnt have a lick of pitching and they reached the World Series. You can trade hitters for pitching.

The pitchers you want to draft at the start of the season are from the D Rays, the Twins, and the Rockies. Teams like this are the teams that are starting off strong and weakening as the season gets under way. Felix Hernandez, Ubaldo Jimenez and Jon Lester have the likings to be great this year. The most solid closer you can get is going to be Rangers 2009 star closer Neftali Feliz. You can definately count on him being a scratch in on any fantasy baseball team. Its ok to feed off of a successful lineup and having a descent pitching staff. Its hard to close out games, especially when youre team is down 6 runs. Having a strong lineup will definately help your leads. I like the silent but deadly pitchers that arent on the radar.

My ideal starting rotation will look like this, Clayton Kershaw, Jered Weaver, and Matt Cain. Getting all of those pitchers isn't a likely situation but you can definately set yourself up with paying attention to what relievers come in after they pitch and what their numbers are going to put out. Making unlikely moves will set your team up for success. I'm still flabergasted by the way the Rangers hit thier way into the World Series and then being in the Series, being blown away by Brian Wilson and Tim Lincecum.

To finish off this season over 500 will be an easy task, stack your line up and then pick up pitching. Having trade bait is a good way to produce a great pitching staff on your fantasy baseball team. You wont regret picking up a solid hitting lineup. Sure, injuries will hang over your team but having more hitters will produce your run support. Having enough pitching just to get by in your league will help your team blow past every team you face this season. Keep in mind, if you draft a unbeatable hitting lineup, competition wont be able to hold down your lineup, no pitching staff will compete against a strong talented lineup. Pujols will steal the MVP award this year, just not the World Series. What kind of player should you draft this fantasy baseball season? Albert Pujols for MVP. Easy pick, naw, maybe not likely but having MVP starters like Albert Pujols and Arod will definately help your team strive for success. So yeah, having guys like Albert Pujols for MVP will definately take your team to your fantasy baseball championship.

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