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As the All-Star break approaches, desperate fantasy owners will be searching through their waiver wires, hoping to find a player that can help them win the championship. However, is it really worth it to pick up unheralded players who have been red-hot in the last month? Most owners will be wondering, is this guy for real? Here are three waiver wire players who are worth a deeper look.

Justin Turner, 3B for the LA Dodgers

Justin Turner’s first half number have been fantastic, as he’s hitting for a .308 batting average with 11 homers and 30 RBIs to start the year. Turner is only owned in 57.5% of ESPN leagues though, mostly due to his unproven track record throughout his career. Turner was released by the Mets in 2013 and he hasn’t proven to be much of a power threat before this season. However, over the last two seasons, Turner has been one of the best offensive players in baseball, even in his part-time utility infielder role in 2014. His hot first half is no fluke, and while his .538 SLG is likely to decrease slightly, Turner should be a highly productive player for the rest of the season. If he is still available in your league's waiver wire, pick him up immediately. Turner should not be among the waiver wire players, and he should be rostered in any format.

David Peralta, OF for the Arizona Diamondbacks

Peralta was projected to be a marginal left-handed platoon bat this season, but since June he has hit .276 with good homer and RBI totals. Confirming his preseason projections, Peralta has crushed right-handed pitching with 8 homers and 33 RBIs against righties. He hasn’t gotten too many at-bats against lefties, but he’s managed a .250 average on the weak side of his platoon split, making him an viable option for the D-Backs and your fantasy team. Peralta should be used carefully, but he is basically a must-start when playing against a right-handed pitcher, and can be used in deeper leagues as a full-time OF5. If you need outfield help, you could do much worse than Peralta, and he’s only owned in 24.2% of ESPN leagues.

Tommy Milone, SP for the Minnesota Twins

The lefty veteran has come back from a preseason injury and pitched quite well for the surprising Twins this season. He has pitched to a 2.84 ERA with a 5-1 record, which has made him a sneaky-good pitching option over the last month. Milone has had a track record of league-average performance with the Oakland A’s before his stint in Minnesota, and I see very little reason that he won’t continue his solid numbers in Minnesota. If you need a solid inning-eater for your pitching staff, Milone is a perfect option. While he doesn’t strike out too many batters (6.43 career K/9 innings), Milone pitches well to contact, and he is certainly a viable starting option in deeper leagues. Plus, he is only owned in 20.4% of ESPN leagues, so he is widely available as a weekly streaming option against bad offenses if he's still on your waiver wire.

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