San Francisco Giant Barry Zito: How does the pitcher fare in orange and black?

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In 2005 Pedro Martinez, a free agent, went to the NY Mets, club in the National League of Major Baseball. Before becoming a Met Martinez had pitched for a few clubs. Most impressive probably the Boston Red Sox a team in the American League. Martinez played for Boston when Boston won the World Series Championship in 2004. Martinez often made jokes about his not-all-too-great performance as a hitter.Pedro was right. He was far less impressive at bat than on the mound. Martinez is a three-time Cy Young winner Four or five years later Barry Zito reflected similar challenges as a player when he left the AL to sign with NL team San Francisco Giants. The American League calls for a DH, a designated hitter. The DH takes the place of pitcher in the line-up. American League pitchers do not bat. This differs from the National League where there is no DH. To pitch in the NL requires going to bat. . Strategically the National League and the American League play a different ball game. The National League may seem like a slower-paced game in comparison to AL. Using a DH not only relieves the pitcher; athletes not known for their excellent skill as hitters. Consider young all-star pitcher Tim Lincecum of the San Francisco Giants. The praise and wonderment he receives is not because he has exceptional skills in the bull pen. There is no DH, no David Ortiz going to bat for Lincecum.This tactile difference alters the way a manager considers his line-up. Proper line-up placement is the difference in an exceptional team playing an exceptional game. As pitcher for Oakland Athletics Barry Zito never had to worry about his performance at bat. His career as a pitcher goes unaffected by a batting average. To have rarely exercised and developed his batting skills as a batter put Zito at a disadvantage to veteran NL players. Much fuss was had over Zito's performance his first season in black and . I vocalized what I perceived an obvious cause in Zito's un-spectacular performance. Fans were less than pleased with the first season performance by San Francisco Giant Barry Zito. No one felt his performance called for his exuberant salary. Give him two years, I'd say. He needs time to adjust. It is not easy to transition from one style of play to a totally different style of play. His game should be out of sync and unfamilar. It just would not have been normal for Barry Zito to dive right into the National League and produce the numbers he produced in the American League. Barry Zito played a very normal fine game of a pitcher of his caliber as he transitioned. Like every pitcher at mound and every player in the field Barry Zito hit his slumps. All along, I have faith that San Francisco Giant Barry Zito will pitch a curve ball and surpass all expectations. Sit back and follow while he pitches a shut-out to all the haters. He plays like a pitcher tweaking his talent for a different, possibly a more complex game.

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